Book Review: Sentinals Awaken

The land of Remargaren was once again in need of saving as a devilry magic tried to shred the veil once put up by Lady Leyandrii to protect her people three thousand years ago.  The safety and peace of the entire kingdom lay in the hands of Captain Jerrol and the Sentinals. He had to solve the mystery and stop the Ascendants from creeping back into power, gaining access and hold on key areas in the kingdom which divided families, resulted to bloodshed and confusion.

This epic fantasy novel was well-written. The world building ability of the author was amazing. She was able to transport me to the land of Remargaren where magic which was thought was lost for three thousand years started to reemerge once again. Even without the aid of the map included in the book, I felt like I was able to visualize Jerrol’s journey. Each place was vividly described, each character was given thorough details, most especially the Sentinals. I enjoyed reading about them and I looked forward to what roles they were going to play to help Jerrol.

I have always enjoyed reading fantasy novels. I have always been fascinated with magical powers of characters and what they do with it. This book was able to pique my interest from its very first page and kept me wondering how I would react if I ever meet someone today who has just woken up from a 3,000-year sleep!

Helen Garraway did an awesome job weaving an extraordinary tale that is filled with magic, action, and adventures. I am looking forward to the next installment of this series. 


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